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Welcome to one of the best tool for crud operations. Its supported for every language in the world. because its based on API ๐Ÿ˜‰. Before started your have to know about the all methods used for crud (create, read, update, delete).

after published the framwork on server, you have to perform all operations for crud through single api.

when you published this application its url will like this.

if you use localhost so url will like this


Note: make sure env file has renamed with .env

How to connect database#

First go to root/.env file and edit it, you will see code like this

app.baseURL = ''

modify with your domain

MySQL (phpmyadmin)
For connection database to mysql (phpmyadmin)
  • go to your phpmyadmin
  • create new database ex. demo
  • go to our project in the root folder your will find file with name .env, edit this file
  • you will find code like this
 database.default.hostname = your_database_hostname database.default.database = your_database_name database.default.username = your_database_username database.default.password = your_database_password database.default.DBDriver = MySQLi
  • modify it, now its ready

How to store data on table#

first create table on database normally, as your requirement. and now if you have table which is name is users, and if you want to perform crud operation so use url like this<your_table>

You can perform all crud operation here in single url, which will applied on database's users table.